Social Prescribing Link Worker Service




If you have any concerns about your wellbeing or need information and advice with finding further support, your GP, care co-ordinator or receptionist can refer you to a social prescriber. They will take time to discuss your wellbeing needs, and direct you to the local services that can provide support to enable individuals in Barnet to live full and active lives by addressing people's needs in a holistic way and supporting individuals to take greater control of their own health by signposting and connecting people to community groups, activity and provision in the local area to contribute to overall improvements in health and wellbeing.

Your Social Prescriber can support any of the below concerns:

  • Housing, care, benefits and financial support and information
  • Healthy lifestyle and physical activities.
  • Befriending and support groups.
  • Training, employment, and volunteering.
  • Social and creative activities
  • Mental health services, bereavement and many more.& COVID Support , Shopping, Isolation etc.

If you feel that you would benefit from the support of a social prescriber, and are over the age of 18, please contact us on 020 8209 2401