Patient Group Meeting Minutes & Reports




Patient Participation Group Zoom Meeting

22nd July 2020 at 7:00pm

  • Chair: Mr HG ­
  • Vice chair: Mrs WT
  • Secretary: Mrs IO
  • Apologies: Apologies accepted for this meeting and noted.
  • Present: WK Practice Manager TFMG


  • HG welcomed the group to the first virtual Zoom meeting
  • The meeting commenced with a minute's silence for Vice Chair Mr CC, who had passed away due to COVID-19. He was an esteemed and hardworking member of the PPG. HG had spoken to Mr CC's wife his wife and given her condolences on behalf of PPG.
  • HG expressed on behalf of the group condolences to the family of each patient and family member who had lost loved ones at this time.
  • No GPs were available in the meeting.
  • Dr TT had had a baby and was on maternity leave.
  • Dr JK will commence maternity leave in November 2020.
  • A new Salaried GP will be joining the Practice on 21st September 2020. The GP will be working 5 sessions per week.
  • Immunisation and Smear Tests are still being carried out at the Practice. Patients are informed by texts and calls as to book appointments.
  • Flu Clinics will commence in the first week of September for 2-3 yrs & first over 65s clinic will be on 30th September - the final arrangements for these are still a work in progress.
  • Practice is advertising patient online access and would like more patients to join online access, prescriptions can be requested, appointment can be booked and cancelled, and test results can be viewed via patient online access.
  • The Practice now has an in-house Pharmacist on Wednesdays and Fridays - patients will be able to have telephone conversations with her.
  • The Practice has recruited a PCN social prescriber Laura Dickson who is employed to discuss social issues with patients when needed. She works with TFMG every Wednesday.
  • The Practice is offering extended hours appointments, out of hour's appointments and Bank Holidays.
  • The website service provider has been changed & Practice website has been updated.
  • Most consultations are now taking place via the telephone/video consultations. After a patient phones the Practice a triage system takes place and a telephone appointment is arranged.
  • There was concern at the length of time to get the return call. The PM explained that some calls could last up to 30 mins which put back the Dr's ability to ring sooner. Maybe texting the patient when to expect the call could be considered.
  • The access route was criticised. It was impossible to see the signage in the doorway when queuing. Patients pushed forward if they thought they had priority.
  • Patients leaving walked back past those queuing unable to keep a safe distance. There are no floor markings. Access or exit could be up or down the stairs except for the disabled.
  • When phoning the surgery the telephone message is too long at 2 minutes.
  • Zoom expired after 40 minutes and some members could not reconnect.
  • There was no AOB other than to say the next meeting will be in November
  • HG Thanked everyone for their participation

Patient Participation Group Meeting: Held at the TFHC on 03.10.2019 @7:00pm

  • Mr Wajahat Khattak - Practice Manager
  • Mr Howard Gross ­- Chair Person
  • Mrs Isabel Oberman - Secretary
  • Apologies: Apologies accepted for this meeting and noted.


  • The Chairman Mr Gross welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  • The minutes of the last meeting were presented and agreed.
  • Introductions were made around the room with each member saying a little about their backgrounds, professions and work.
  • RC patient and public engagement officer has now left & an email will be sent out to the CCG to send informative emails to us.
  • Meetings to be arranged for Volunteers, to discuss issue raised by patients.
  • Mr Gross mentioned about patients travelling to RFH and BGH for blood tests and is not convenient; Practice is looking for a volunteer phlebotomist for in-house blood test appointments.
  • MB (PHGH PPG Chair) has sent a joint nomination to National Association for Patient Participation for Temple Fortune Health Centre.
  • Volunteers required for the Temple Fortune Medical Group, Active volunteers Wendy, Chris and Peter explained volunteer’s role and the procedure to become a volunteer and suggestions to introduce more volunteers.
  • Volunteer forms are available on the website, training will be provided.
  • Meet & Greet Volunteers role information & forms will be uploaded to the Practice
  • website to encourage more patients to join.
  • ES Was very impressed by the service received from the volunteers, the knowledge and positive approach is extraordinary.
  • A big thank you to our volunteers who are continuing as volunteers at Temple Fortune Medical health Centre and has been very helpful. 
  • The Practice Manager spoke about the OOH appointments & how these appointments can be Booked, Website is updated with all useful information.
  • Free NHS Health Checks for patient aged between 40 – 74 & Stop Smoking Appointments are available to book.
  • Patient Online access has improved from 1% to 14%, a significant improvement, Text messages invitations to be sent out to encourage more patients to join.
  • Practice Telephone system has changed, and all calls are now recorded & monitored, prescription queries line is open between 9:00am – 11: am Monday to Friday.

Any other business:   

  • Practice expects a very positive and productive feedback from the patients.
  • Next meeting: 27.06.2019

Patient Participation Group Meeting: Held at the TFHC on 27.06.2019 @7:00pm

  • Mr Wajahat Khattak - Practice Manager
  • Mr Howard Gross ­- Chair Person
  • Mrs Isabel Oberman - Secretary
  • Apologies: Apologies accepted for this meeting and noted.


  • Mr Gross welcomed everyone to the meeting.  
  • The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.
  • Sister Lynn has now retired and the group wished her well. 
  • Dr Taylor has been unwell and the best wishes of the group will be passed on to her.
  • Dr Kapoor reported that there are 7 GP Practices in the grouping and that the GP’s are in control of the money. 
  • The 7 practices have 52,000 patients between them.
  • The Meet and Greet scheme is running well but would like more volunteers so that all sessions at the surgery could be covered.  
  • At present the volunteers do mornings only.  
  • The Practice would like to run Expert Practice Groups i.e. Diabetes.   Alongside these groups the Practice hopes to create Chronic Disease Clinics – the patient would attend and have a longer appointment – 10mins to see the Nurse and then a further 10 mins with the Dr where appropriate patients could then attend an Expert Patient Group in order to further their knowledge of handling their condition.
  • Dr Kapoor said that she will inform the group when this initiative is to start.


  • There was discussion about the best way to let patients know about the new apps that are available.  
  • These apps allow patients to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions and designate a pharmacy. It appears that not everyone has taken up these apps.  
  • It was agreed that Khattak will decide which app is to be recommended and train the receptionists, so they in turn can tell the patients.  
  • My GP app seemed to have been well received.   At present it is difficult to access medical history.  
  • There is another app available Patient Access, although at this time, it is not possible to access your medical history.
  • The Practice would like everyone to sign up to an app as this would free up the receptionist’s time


  • The practice needs 48 hours’ notice to issue a repeat prescription.  
  • There was discussion about the best way to reinforce this.  
  • Text messages could be sent to Patients and the signage at reception could be in larger print.
  • Dr Kapoor reported that the practice has now recruited a male Dr, he will work 4 days a week.  
  • After her marriage she will be working 3 days per week.  
  • The practice nurse will now be available on Mondays and Fridays.
  • Due to the Ravenscroft Practice moving location TFHC has more patients.  
  • As the Royal Free and Finchley Memorial Hospitals are overstretched doing all the blood testing for all the practices it is likely that practices will be funded to have their own phlebotomist – no date at present for this initiative.
  • The meeting concluded at 8pm.

Our Next Patient participation Group virtual Meeting will be on 19th November 2020 at 13:00