Controlled Drugs Policy




Policy Description

We are implementing a new policy regarding the prescribing and management of controlled drugs (CD) at our GP surgery. This policy is designed to ensure these medications' safe and responsible use. Please review the following guidelines.


One-Month Supply:

Controlled drugs will only be issued for a one-month supply at a time. This approach allows for regular monitoring and ensures that prescriptions are reviewed frequently to maintain safety and efficacy.


Non-Repeating Prescriptions:

Controlled drugs are often not added to repeat prescriptions due to their potential for misuse, addiction, and other risks. Therefore, patients will typically not find these medications on their repeat prescription list.


Acute Supply for Short-Term Use:

Controlled drugs will be prescribed for acute use, especially for short-term conditions. Continuous or long-term use will be carefully assessed for appropriate management and monitoring.


Regular Monitoring and Review:

Patients receiving controlled drugs will be monitored regularly to assess treatment response, monitor for adverse effects, and evaluate the ongoing need for medication. This monitoring allows for adjustments to dosage or treatment plans as needed.


Monthly Review and Repeat Prescription:

If deemed appropriate and necessary by our healthcare team, controlled drugs may be added to a patient's repeat prescription monthly. However, this decision will be made based on individual patient needs and safety considerations.

It's important to note that many controlled drugs have the potential for addiction and tolerance, requiring regular review and oversight by healthcare professionals.


We believe that adherence to these guidelines will help ensure the safe and responsible use of controlled drugs for our patients. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please don't hesitate to contact our office.